Mandatory School Uniforms Offered In Low Income Areas

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Monica Frackowiak
Why is required school uniforms always discussed in low income areas vs. medium or high income areas? The fact that required uniforms are well established in low income areas is like a double edged sword.According to the “Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion” The public first became aware of “dress codes in schools in the 1950’s,(girl's prohibited from wearing pants, had to wear skirts or dresses).During the 1960’s,blue jeans, black leather jackets, and other accoutrements associated with gangs were prohibited among boys(and, of course girls, as well). By the 1980’s, problems with gang violence led to dress codes that attempted to do away with gang colors. Dress codes have routinely been used to prohibit
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The requirement of uniforms help implement guidlines for students,once guidlines and rules are followed schools and students overall performence will increase. is gonna stop them from focusing on their studies.To be sure the Cps workers are not only the mainly affected, it is the children of our future that is constantly being affected by these state budget cuts.Cps has been under fire for constantly going on strikes or cutting budgets for low income areas.”According to Lauren Fitzpatrick,Cps officials had taken away half of each principal's remaining discretionary funds, saying the move would save 46 million as the school systems makes up for 215 million it had counted on in vain from state government”.”The money pays for school supplies, field trips, recess monitors and other various needs.”Claypool has blamed the cuts on a December veto by Rauner of legislation that would have given 215 million in aid to cps to help cover a legally mandated payment for school pensions. Rauner has said the money was contingent on more wide reaching government pension reforms that never happened.”School…show more content…
middle to higher income areas due to the fact that that these middle to higher income areas realize that required school uniforms is the last thing that they are worried about, these districts have more complicated issues they have to take head on. There are issues that have to be addressed in a certain order, having to worry about a required uniform for the students are the last thing they are worried about. The reasons for required school uniforms in low income areas vs. medium or high income areas may surprise you, such as the fact that these low income areas are low performing.Yes,required dress code policies, implement benefits and advantages to Cps students such as deterring them from getting in the middle of violence to reducing bullying, peer pressure. Yet the implementation of school uniforms in low income areas has no actual evidence of helping students academically. Changing the requirement for school uniforms for Cps students guide students to focus more on their studies, showing students uniforms will not form their
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