Mandatory School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory

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Mandatory School Uniforms
“Give me liberty or give me death!’’ The infamous words of Patrick Henry are the first to come to mind when one contemplates the fiery debate of whether uniforms should be mandated in schools. According to the New World Encyclopedia 2010, “freedom of speech is the right to communicate one’s opinion and ideas without the fear of government retaliation or censorship.” Thus, the main argument against mandatory uniforms in schools is that they equate to government censorship or a violation of our first amendment rights. However, it is my belief that using the aforementioned premise, terrorists who have become US citizens should then be permitted to bomb and kill as they please; all in the name of ‘expressing themselves freely’. Furthermore, the constitution much like the bible was written ages ago for a completely different America and is meant to be interpreted as times change. Especially for the day in age we live in; uniforms are the best insurance “we the people” and the government can have to achieve the one thing that leads to the all american dream of success being realized- “the pursuit of happiness.” My main three reasons to support uniforms in schools are; the reduction of peer pressure in schools leads to increased learning, lessening the frequency of violence and sexual harassment in schools, and that they are more economically feasible.

A bulletin published by The National Association of Secondary School Principles in April of this year
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