Mandatory Schooling From Elementary Through High School

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Life seems like a straight forward path with no variation. The first few years of life move quickly with learning new skills, trying new experiences and always the major part of the day was filled with playtime. Then as soon as the candles on a fifth birthday cake are blown out there is a sudden and dramatic shift in priorities and the path to a career has begun. Common core, state testing, reports cards, and projects consume the years of mandatory schooling from Elementary through to High School. After the thirteen long years of schooling many students then robotically move directly into college, onward on the conveyor belt to graduation and hopefully to a successful job. However many students in Britain, Europe and Australia decide to stray from the well-trodden path and dare to take the bend in the road by taking a gap year. A gap year is a twelve month break from conventional study, between graduating high school and entering college. Taking a well-earned break from the rigors of memorization, or the regurgitation of facts and figures has proven to help prevent academic burnout and improve graduation success. A gap year allows time for students to choose for themselves what is important, to follow a dream, to travel abroad and contribute to the world in ways they have not had time to do. The chance to gain self-awareness, and to find out what is truly inspirational on an individual basis is a valuable opportunity that is so often overlooked. In essence, a gap year…
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