Mandatory Sentencing For Non Violent Crime

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As far as alternatives go, there are several things that need to be addressed to improve and fix this overcrowded problem. There is no one reason for the overcrowding within the prison system and one has factored in all reasons that can lead up to the cause of overcrowding in order to find a solution to this tremendous issue.
Mandatory Sentencing

To begin, mandatory sentencing for non-violent and drug- related crimes should be eliminated. This law was established to dispose of the drugs masters and to reduce the selling of drugs in neighborhoods. However, this resulted in an adverse effect; with nonviolent drug and first time offenders getting brutal sentences expanding the prison population. Non-violent crime should be dealt with …show more content…

As agreed by Prisons: Problems and Prospects Prisons and the War on Drugs, “incarceration rates for murderers, robbers, and burglars have remained steady over the years, but the number of drug offenders who have been imprisoned has steadily escalated”. The “war on drugs” has, for the most part, added to prison overcrowding. However, it has particularly extended the degree of minorities who are sent to prison. Further readings by Nathan James (2016), “mandatory minimum penalties have contributed to the growing federal prison population”. In addition, this report also added some alternative to this development problem, “Even if Congress chooses not to repeal any mandatory minimum sentences, policymakers could review current mandatory minimum penalties to ensure that they are (1) not excessively severe, (2) narrowly tailored to apply only to those offenders who warrant such punishment, and (3) applied consistently” (James, 2016). “(1) Today narcotics offenders occupy 61% of the beds in federal prisons. (2) Meanwhile, 1 in 7 state facilities continues to operate beyond capacity. (3) Ohio leads the pack with a stunning 182% of capacity” (Smolowe, 1994).

There are a number of issues that added to development in the prison system.
I. Mandatory Sentences
II. More offenders being arrested for non-violent crimes
III. Parole Practices

The most effective method to diminish prison overcrowding
I. Termination of

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