Mandatory Spaying / Neutering Of Pet Cats And Dogs

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Mandatory spaying/neutering of pet cats and dogs This country is highly populated both with humans and animals. Unlike humans, animals are not presented with the option of being castrated. This decision is entirely left up to the owner of the pet. Studies have shown that there is a huge demand for pets to be gelded. Some countries do not recommend this procedure for many reasons. In regard to those who do castrate their pets, I fully understand the population control being taken into consideration. I’m sure there are a countless number of overpopulated places swarming with pets and strays. Based on information-collected over time, this has been a highly debatable issue far from being resolved. Neutering is commonly avoided and not generally promoted by animal health authorities (Hart et al. 1). All in all, the castration of animals is a health risk. It can negatively affect their lives, causing such things as cancer, joint disorders, personality changes and the inability to produce offspring. One form of castration that is particularly pertaining to dogs is neutering. Before going through the neutering process, many dogs live quite healthily and have minimal health problems that can be easily resolved by over-the-counter pet medicine or ordinary vet visits. However, after the owner decides that the process is best for their pet, there is a high possibility that their pet will later be diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma, Hemangiosarcoma, or Hip Dysplasia, which is initiated
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