Mandatory Vaccination Essay

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This article discusses the issue of mandatory vaccinations in California for school aged children without exemptions. One interesting quote is: “Gov. Jerry Brown last year signed SB 277 by Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, making California the third state in the nation that eliminated religious and personal belief exemptions for vaccination requirements.” not only does this law require vaccinations for all children entering kindergarten and 7th grade, it also prevents exemptions of vaccinations. This article covers the issue of children not attending school due to the new law as well.

The authors bias seemed to be ever so slightly for mandatory vaccinations, her style was fairly unbiased in most ways but some of the quotes she chose to include such as “But state Superintendent Tom Torlakson said vaccinating students ‘is the law, and it’s the right thing to do for public health.’” other than a few quotes though, it was fairly unbiased.

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That being said, the reason I believe that vaccinations should be voluntary is not because I don’t believe in them but rather because I believe that the American people should be allowed the freedom of choice. Whether or not to vaccinate their children is a decision that parents should be allowed to make informed decisions upon for themselves. But even if voluntary vaccinations are not an option I believe there should at least be exceptions to vaccinating children, if parents can prove that they have done the research and have decided not to vaccinate their child they should have the right to do so. An example of this is shown in the article: “Tests show that the son of the lead plaintiff, Ana Whitlow, for example, has already developed an immunity to three diseases, pertussis (whooping cough), diphtheria and tetanus. Nevertheless, the boy’s school has refused to enroll him in the seventh grade unless he receives the required vaccine, the suit
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