Mandatory Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Vaccinations

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Prior to becoming pregnant with my first child, it never crossed my mind that I would choose not to vaccinate him or her. Then on a cold day in January when I found out I would be bringing a new life into this world in late August, many thoughts and options began flowing through my head. At this time I didn’t know routine vaccinations were a choice for parents to make, I always thought they were mandatory. This being said, I began my research on the pros and cons of vaccinations. While I learned there are cons of vaccinating children, I also learned that the benefits of routinely vaccinating children significantly outweigh the risks. I chose from a very early stage in my pregnancy that I would make sure my child receives routine vaccines in order to protect him or her to the best of my ability from potentially deadly diseases. While every state in the United States has different laws on routine vaccines for children, I strongly believe that all fifty states should have the same laws and require vaccinations in children. As I began my research on routinely vaccinating my child, I started to map out my findings and ask myself a series of questions. Should vaccinating children be a United States law, or should it be a parent’s choice? More times than not, do the parents who decline or accept the vaccines know the truth about them? And why wouldn’t parents vaccinate a child if it could potentially save their life? I then conducted a survey of six individuals with children,
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