Mandatory Vaccinations

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Upon first glance, immunizations look like a terrific solution to a horrific problem. But what if these immunizations were causing horrific problems of their own? What if the ingredients of the injections were just as bad as the disease they were meant to prevent? A staggering 77% of American kindergarteners are up to date with their vaccinations. (Park, 2008) This percentage makes Americans the most vaccinated group of people in the world. The number of shots required for school age children has doubled since 1980; today’s children will receive up to 28 injections for 11 to 15 diseases by the time they go to kindergarten. Many of these mandatory vaccinations are not safe because of the toxic chemicals, the multiple doses that they…show more content…
In 1996 that statistic climbed to 1 in 300 children. (Geier & Geier, 2003) When this increased statistic is paired with the fact that vaccinations have doubled in the same amount of time it is not surprising that Autism is being linked to the injections. Also being linked to Autism and most vaccinations is Thimerosal. Thimerosal is the preservative in vaccinations used to keep them free of fungi and bacteria, also known as mercury. In 2001 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released results from a study that found levels of mercury in immunizations were 2 times what the Environmental Protection Agency deemed safe. (Park, 2008) Another study found the likeliness of neurodevelopment disorder increased 4 fold, on average, following an additional 75-100 microgram dosage in thimerosal-containing vaccinations in comparison to thimerosal-free vaccinations. (Geier & Geier, 2003) Following studies such as these the FDA took into consideration all of the concern and “theoretical potential for neurotoxicity” and decided to reduce the amount of thimerosal in vaccinations. In most cases the preservative has been removed completely. (FDA / Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, 2009) Being a mother of two small children myself it is hard to turn a blind eye to all of the propaganda circling the internet and
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