Mandatory Voting And If It Should Be Enforced

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America’s most recent debate focuses on mandatory voting and if it should be enforced in The Unites States. Of course many people have their doubts about this subject while others have already picked a side. Compulsory voting or “mandatory voting” is a system in which electors are obliged to vote in elections or attend a polling place on voting day. If an eligible voter does not attend a polling place, he or she may be subject to punitive measures such as fines or community service. But surely this subject is much more than just receiving votes for future elections; just like any other subject it must have its pros and its cons.
As for mandatory voting, this is not a new world problem. Compulsory Voting has been around since Belgium introduced it in 1892, followed by Argentina in 1914 and Australia in 1924. Some countries such as Venezuela and the Netherlands even went on to participate in mandatory voting before abolish it later on. President Obama even suggested that compulsory voting could be a good idea. "Other countries have mandatory voting," said the president, Australia being the most prominent example. "It would be transformative if everybody voted — that would counteract money more than anything," he continued.
I personally believe that mandatory voting would be the best choice. Citizens rarely vote anymore. Making up excuses or telling myths such as “My vote doesn’t count” and “We’re not actually voting for our president” These certain attitudes are what
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