Manegerial Policy

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1a) What is the vision?
1a) Costco’s CEO stated that the vision for Costco was to give customers the best possible value for their purchase while remaining ethical.

1b) What is the mission?
1b) Costco’s mission is to ensure customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders were respected and treated fairly to ensure the best outcome of product delivery at low costs to the customer.

1c) Are they realistic?
1c) Costco’s vision and mission are realistic because they focus on basic fundamentals of business strategy: positive communications and actions focused on stakeholders. The vision and mission are attainable without extravagant financial or strategic requirements.

2a) What are the financial objectives?
2a)The financial
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1c) Are they realistic?
Yes they were realistic, however with any business strategy, Netflix would need to readdress these strategies within a certain time frame taking into account what innovations are being implemented by outside competition.
2a) What are the financial objectives?
2a) The financial objective was to increase revenue as well as increasing earnings per share from $2.41 to $2.63.
2b) What are the strategic objectives?
2b) The strategy to growing their user base included many aspects. Netflix implemented their unique business model of an easy to use system to entice movie buffs, bargain hunters, and convenience centered customers. Netflix would provide a widespread selection of videos including popular new releases, classics, rare films, documentaries and TV shows. This would ensure a larger selections than its competitors could offer. In order to ensure that Netflix had the most popular movies, they would need to build and maintain a positive relationship with entertainment video providers to include making large investments into making agreements with Universal, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, and Indie films to name a few. Netflix also cut a deal with Apple to ensure there would be a Netflix app available on iPads. Netflix also realized that ease of use and options would appeal to customers. They implemented this by creating software which would provide users with
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