Manga and Anime in the Japanese Culture Essay

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Manga and anime are a very huge part of Japanese culture. They have a long history in Japan and they have gotten increasingly popular. Even now in modern day Japan, manga and anime have become a major part of everyday life. Though accepted into many households, some people believe that manga and anime are a bad influence to the people that enjoy reading and watching them. However, manga and anime give the people of Japan a huge quantity of stories to explore and enjoy and a wide range of genres to choose from that it makes it such a favored hobby. To begin, the origin of manga goes way back into Japan’s old history. In Chapter one of the book Understanding Manga and Anime, it says that manga’s origin arguably goes back further in history …show more content…
Now and days, manga has improved its quality in artwork and motion animation. Only at the beginning of the twenty-first century did artist begin to create their anime art on screen compared to drawing them by hand on plastic sheets called cels (Macwilliams 58). Just like how Walt Disney made some of his cartoons, like Bambi, they would paint on plastic clear sheets to create layers of objects and features that, when stacked on top of each other, would create images of people or backgrounds. This allowed artist to easily change faces and backgrounds that needed to move a lot. It also helped make the environment look a little more 3-dimentional. Some anime artists are starting to combine 2D and 3D animation together into their show, which improves the overall quality of the anime and makes production easier (59). For example, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex is a perfect example of the 2D and 3D combination. In the anime, the human characters and environment is typically 2D but some of the machines and cars in the show are shown as 3D in many of the scenes. Using 2D with the people and environment is much easier to make on the computer and it keeps more of the traditional feel of an anime. The cars and machines however tend to move a lot in the show and 3D makes it easier to create the objects and create the exciting moving scenes without losing its shape. Now, when it comes to the content in manga and anime, many people may find it