Mangament Process and Organisation Behaviour

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Management Process and Organisational Behaviour Unit 5 Unit 5 Leading Structure: 5.1 Introduction, Objectives 5.2 Case Study 5.3 Definition and Comparison and Contrasting of Directing and Leading 5.4 Characteristics of Leading 5.5 Importance of Leading 5.6 Functions of Leading 5.7 Summary 5.8 Glossary 5.9 Terminal Questions 5.10 Answers 5.1 Introduction In the previous unit, we dealt with the definition and importance of organising, types of organisations and departmentation, organisational division, and span of control. We also analysed staffing and its importance, line concept, and staff concept. In the manufacturing economy, once people have been positioned to do various activities, the next step was to pass instructions…show more content…
Each centre had a manager and each function except the kid care had an Assistant Manager as its head. The care taker was trained by the child psychologists and replete with modern and educational toys. This actually became the biggest attraction though it was a free service. But she did not mind as the parents thronged to the place and spent considerable money in her confectionary. She gave considerable freedom to her managers to innovate and rewarded them both with praise and money and encouraged them to go for formal studies to broaden their horizon. One of her confectionary manager later persuaded her to start an entire diabetic product line. As usual, after much reluctance, she plunged in but when she did, she brought in not only a diabetic line but also a low cholesterol line of products. Mrs. Rakhi would visit each of her stores at least once in a week. When she was there, she helped in serving, cleaning up, and merchandising, which the employees had never seen before. Her managers and employees were proud to work in Sambhavi and did not wait for her orders to do that extra bit in their workplace, which literally had become their home, especially when she permitted any employee to bring their child and leave it in the kid care. At the end of three years, she paused to take stock. She had just returned from her four weeks entrepreneur’s course in the U.S and had appointed an independent auditor to do the stock taking. After her return, she spoke to
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