Mangan The Use Of Electronics Analysis

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People in today’s society have a psychological need for electronics therefore we release more every time we have a chance, what researchers are trying to figure out is, are the effects of using electronics helping or hurting our society. Mangan informs the reader that “while having the latest and greatest electronic devices can be fun, necessary, or both, our addiction to them comes at a high cost to ourselves and our planet.” Ramey agrees with Mangan saying that “Technology and a human life cannot be separated; society has a cyclical codependence on technology. We use technology; depend on technology in our daily life and our needs and demands for technology keep on rising.” However, he also gives examples of how they are useful. Ramey goes on saying “It’s poor application has resulted into the…show more content…
Mangan states that “Moreover, there are intensive levels of energy and work required to design, assemble, package, ship and deliver electronics around the world to consumers. Not to mention that millions of devices are replaced once, twice, even maybe three times a year by customers eager for something better. This results in a large amount of hazardous household waste that is often irresponsibly discarded in the trash.” Mangan also states that “Not only does our demand for electronics harm the environment, but it can also harm our relationships. She says that it hurts relationships because people don’t interact face to face, and like we already know people can make an easy fake identity on their electronics which can potentially hurt people. Electronics also take away time from family and friends, they draw people apart and don’t allow people to have quality time. Electronics are a great tool used in society but are dangerous for our health and our social
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