Mangroves and the Environment Essay

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“If there are no mangroves, then the sea will have no meaning. It is like having a tree without roots, for the mangroves are the roots of the sea…”(AMNH, 2003). Internationally, mangroves communities are recognised as pivotal in the sustaining of a healthy diverse ecosystem. However, since the late 1950s, human beings have decimated the total of mangrove forests by a third (Fidenci, 2007). The World Atlas of Mangroves states decimation of mangroves is occurring “four times faster” than on land forestation (Cook, 2010). There are a number of impacts, as these ‘highly productive ecosystems’ support the coastal and intertidal areas they are found within (Hogarth et al., 2007). They are invaluable, able to withstand varying levels of salinity…show more content…
Additionally, the mangroves provide a supply of timber and fuel for companies and individuals that produce and use it for housing and monetary profit. This provides income for individuals and families, increasing available community resources (Conservancy Association, 2009). Mangroves are also valued highly in regards to the community. The conservation of mangroves results in more healthy supporting neighbouring ecosystems. Both mangroves and the surrounding ecosystems continually used for recreation and tourism, benefiting the economy and available resources (AIMS, 2001). Ecologists and students also benefit from well-established mangroves. They analyse the data that it provides within the ecosystem, such as; profiles, PH levels, salinity and wind turbulence. It is clearly shown that environmentally, economically and socially it remains in our best interests to conserve the mangroves, unfortunately this is yet to be taken into effect. The specificity of the research assignment will address human impacts and effects on the mangrove forestation and the surrounding ecosystem. Primarily, the impact of the individual threat of dredging will be investigating as to its effect on the ecological biodiversity within the zonation. Effects of dredging will then be further analysed as it impacts the considered stakeholders. The ongoing discussion will then continue, highlighting suggestions for
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