Manhattan Associates : A Global Solution Provider For Supply Chain Commerce Leaders

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ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES (***will expand on these options in the final draft)

Manhattan Associates: They are a global solution provider for supply chain commerce leaders. They understand the power of the buyer and pride themselves in designing, building, and delivering solutions for competitive firms. Manhattan Associates has had success with WMS implementations with major companies like Home Depot and American Eagle. For the food and beverage industry sector their focus is on balancing changes in market demand and regulations with decreasing inventory and improving on productivity. They also offer technologies like voice command and bar code scanning.

SAP: SAP is the enterprise application software market leader. They are the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. Their focus is to assist companies in innovation as well as encourage them to grow. They offer several different services and solutions for a range of industries and departments. Their WMS can help optimize resources and assets, manage the workforce, and support on-demand and planned cross-docking.

JDA: JDA is a global software provider of end-to-end retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions. They focus on optimizing costs, increasing revenue and reducing time value of products. JDA has had experience in the past with implementing WMS into grocery stores. Eight of the top ten food and drug companies of the Fortune 500 have turned to JDA to address problems and issues across…

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