Manhattan Fish Market

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Background of The Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market originated from the west experience since 180 years ago in The Fulton Fish Market on Fulton Street underneath the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Over the years, The Fulton Fish Market has been relocated, but its reputation remains intact as one of the largest wholesale fish markets in the world.Inspired by the finest seafood restaurants found along Fulton Street in Manhattan, the Manhattan Fish Market restaurant chain serves only the freshest, lip-smacking American-style seafood.
Their vision is to be the leading seafood casual dining restaurant chain in Asia in terms of delighting guests while in their mission statement is by serving unforgettable dining experiences
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Most of their part timers are students from the nearby colleges. The number of part time required is depending on the projected sales for the day. Many will be called especially during the weekend to support them with the peak hours.

3. Scheduling Work Shifts
The assistant manager prepares a weekly schedule for their staffs. At the MFM they forecasted more sales during the weekend therefore more staffs will be assigned during these days. Other than that, the MFM also applied the split shift concept during off-peak periods where the staff will come only during the peak hours e.g lunch hour and dinner time.

Managing Demand 1. Segmenting Demand
In the previous section, we discussed the two different segments that regularly dine at Manhattan Fish Market, the weekdays working adults who dines in during the lunch period and family segment that usually dines at the outlet at around dinner time during weekdays and all around lunch time till dinner time on weekends. The issue that we found interesting here is that previously Manhattan Fish Market utilizes the customer comment card which enables them to identify who their customers are but since then the system had been scrapped to give way to a more online database system which now mostly caters to customers who has a complaint to make. By utilizing this customer database, Manhattan Fish Market could better target their segments and have a better understanding of their demographic instead of just
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