Manicure: Wrist and Nail Essay

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Contents page 1. Contents page 2. Task A Positioning if the therapist and the client during the treatment Carrying out a nail and skin analysis 3. Using the correct products, tools, equipment and techniques 4. Completing client records correctly Completing the treatment to the satisfaction of the client 5. Task B Prevent 6. Restrict 7. Task C Functions of the skin 8. Function of the blood Function of the lymphatic system Function of the bones 9. Action of the muscles of lower arm and hand 10. Nail diagram 11. Skin diagram…show more content…
| Cotton buds | Used to blend nail tips and for precise removal of products. | Disposable rubber gloves | Should be worn if cuts, abrasions, or broken skin is present. | Nail wipes | To wipe over the nails without placing any fibres onto the nails. | Cotton wool | To remove nail varnish | Tissues | To clean brushes and place cuttings from nail tips into. | Waste bin | Disposal of rubbish. | Plastic bowls | To store cotton wool. | Lamp | Used to give extra light to the area. | Product | Use | Surgical spirit | Used to wipe over tools, nail station and bottles. | Nail sanitiser | Used to sanitize the clients hands and nails prior to the treatment, therefore preventing the risk of any nail infection. | Non-acetone nail varnish remover | Removes nail varnish | Cuticle oil | Used at the end of the treatment to nourish dry cuticles and sometimes used with the four sided buffer to bring the nail to a shine. | Base coat | Prevents the nails from staining. | Enamel | Transforms and enhances the client’s nails. | Top coat | Seals the colour and produces a shine. | 4.Completing client records correctly A record card is completed for all treatments and contains confidential information about each client that is specific to each treatment. They should be easily accessible to the technician and are stored in alphabetical order by surname in a locked metal filing cabinet/box or alternatively on a

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