Manifest Destiny By James K. Polk

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Jack Biernesser Mr. Schulten U.S. History 16 March 2016 Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny is the belief during the 19th century, that the United States of America not only could, but was destined to, stretch from coast to coast. The idea of Manifest Destiny helped to fuel the war with Mexico and the removal of Indians from the United States. The American people and government lived by this belief. Manifest Destiny had many good results like the expansion of the American territory. It also had many poor results like the killing of Indians who were "in the way" of the belief of Manifest Destiny. The president that followed through with the belief of Manifest Destiny the most is that of James K. Polk. His war with Mexico and strong stand against the British about the Oregon territory solidified Manifest Destiny. The Unites States of America and its government drilled into its citizens that they should spread the political idea of democracy for "the common good of the people". The United States government has established democracy in foreign lands, like Guam. They have encouraged countries to use democracy, like Mexico. There are still some countries though, that are not open to the idea of democracy, like Cuba for example. Some countries, like Russia and China, have been open to the idea of it and are incorporating democratic ideas into their government and economy. The biggest reason the United States spreads democracy is for economic and political gain. Money makes the
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