Manifest Destiny By James K. Polk

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Manifest Destiny was the widely held belief that the United States of America were destined to expand over a vast area through the will of God. The President of the United States of America, James K. Polk, who had been elected into office in 1844. Polk won the election by showing his support of the re-occupation of Oregon and the re-annexation of Texas. In doing so he was able to appeal to both the southern and northern expansionists. Polk spearheaded the tasks soon after entering office. Manifest Destiny is what urged The States to expand their territory, forming the country we have today. Many United States citizens had migrated into Texas, which was under the control of Mexico. Many also migrated from the United States and to Oregon, which was occupied by both The United States and Britain. In 1824, Mexico put in place a law that would offer cheap land and a four year exemption from taxes for all Americans willing to migrate to Texas. Six years later, American immigrants had outnumbered the Mexican population. The American migrant population had become more than double of that of the Mexican population in Texas. Tensions had been raised and led to conflict in Texas. In the Oregon Territory, both Britain and the United States had claimed sovereignty, or authority, over the Oregon Territory. Without any actual resolution, both Britain and the United States decided to sign an 1818 treaty that would allow both factions to occupy the territory. By 1820 American interest in
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