Manifest Destiny Civil War

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“Is by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federative self government entrusted to us.” John L. O’Sullivan, the person credited for using the words manifest destiny for the first time, believed in spreading liberty across the nation as Americans ventured further into the lands owned by Mexico and Native Americans. Southern ideals of manifest destiny such as slavery and cotton paralleled those of O’Sullivan himself, where “racial purity” was the key to independence. Northerners however, varied from the south due to their abolitionist viewpoints, ultimately leading to conflict that would escalate into the Civil War. The United States expansion into western territories exposed the extent of the North and South’s hostility. Heated disagreements began as more bills and compromises…show more content…
Canals, railroads, and other pieces of infrastructure were able to strengthen the North, while disconnecting themselves from the South. The South had no economic support other than cotton, which is why the arguments on slavery began. The North could support themselves financially without slavery, the south could not. However, westward expansion still plays a role into this counterargument. The Louisiana Purchase occurred in 1803, marking the true beginning of westward expansion, while 1820 to 1830 were the years where this general increase in infrastructure was seen in the North. It’s still possible to make such an argument, as the ways the North and South differed contributed significantly into future hostilities, yet the expansion west is the reason tension had formed. In fact, most transportation methods built in the north were to connect the northeast to the upper midwest, impossible without the Louisiana
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