Manifest Destiny Essay

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Women that lived through the period of the Manifest Destiny viewed it as an opportunity for them to grow. Women felt that moving west would be a new beginning. Many women had the same or similar goals as the men did. They were rooting for civilization, comfort, and fortune. After all, the land was free, anything free always attracted attention. Even though some women were comfortable living their lives as a housewife and taking care of the family, some women wanted more. They wanted money, jobs like men and most importantly to be able to vote. According to “Manifest Destiny and American Territorial Expansion”, women began to lobby for increased rights. Of course, once women started to demand their rights the roles that men and women were given naturally in life began to change, because the gender roles were being questioned.(Pg.15) The middle class who were the shopkeepers, teachers and working class people who understood began to idealize women for striving to be equal to men, but according to our gender roles men and women have very distinct jobs. (Pg. 17) Men thought women belonged in the home, they were meant to stay at home, cook for the family and clean. Women thought otherwise and began to organize parties/clubs/fundraisers, handle money but were still not allowed to vote. (Pg.17) They argued that women were “too emotional” and for that reason would not be allowed to vote, women had to be kept out of politics. This began to help shape the manifest destiny and led to the era of women’s rights. What did native americans view society? The native americans had the most barbaric experience with the manifest destiny time. The indians had done no wrong, but own land where the americans wanted to settle. As a matter of fact, Amy Greenberg wrote,” European powers laid claim to territory over which effective control was clearly in the hands of the indian tribes and the native americans were often the dominant powers in areas where the young United States hoped to expand”. (Pg.10) When andrew jackson figured that the indians were going to slow down the process of them moving into the louisiana purchase territory, he had to have them removed somehow. There actually was land the indians gave up claims on but not

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