Manifest Destiny Essay

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Because of the desire and belief of Americans that the United States’ purpose to expand west to the Pacific Ocean, Manifest Destiny would become one of the most influential ideologies in American history (Greenberg 3). This belief of the settlers aided in the westward expansion of the nation’s boundaries through the removal of the Native Americans who had inhabited the western lands for generations and in some cases centuries; and with a war with Mexico in which we gained territory in Texas, the southwest and California. The idea of Manifest Destiny was first introduced into the American vocabulary in the 1845, when John L. O’Sullivan published an article encouraging the annexation of Texas. In his article, O’Sullivan expressed his belief…show more content…
The book teaches about information most people do not know, it discusses the consequences the expansion created. Readers have been taught the basic idea of Manifest Destiny, but they do not know the main reason of it and the conflicts and wars it created (Olson-Raymer, “Federal Government”).
Manifest Destiny had a huge impact on Native Americans’ lives. Their lives were severely changed because settler’s stole their land and homes. The natives did not leave their land without a fight though. “The Seminoles did not leave peacefully as did other tribes; along with the Cherokee, they resisted the removal. The Second Seminole War lasted from 1835 to 1842 and resulted in the forced removal of Seminoles, only a small number to remain, and around 3,000 were killed amongst American soldiers and Seminoles” (Larsen, 2012). The violence led to the settlers stereotyping the Native Americans because they feared them. Olson-Raymer stated, “During the era of Manifest Destiny, Indian people across the continent continued to be the object of stereotypes - savage men and women who had no legitimate rights to land - land they could not and would not tame for profit” (Olson-Raymer). Native Americans were acknowledged as a barbaric Indian nation who posed a threat to white progress, mankind, and Christianity (Olson-Raymer). Greenberg agreed with this statement by stating

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