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One of the largest and most wealthy countries in the world, the United States of America, has gone through many changes in its long history. From winning its independence from Great Britain to present day, America has changed dramatically and continues to change. A term first coined in the 1840s, "Manifest Destiny" helped push America into the next century and make the country part of what it is today. The ideas behind Manifest Destiny played an important role in the development of the United States by allowing the territorial expansion of the 1800s. Without the expansion of the era, America would not have most of the western part of the country it does now. Manifest Destiny, before becoming nationally known, started very meagerly. The…show more content…
The increase in population would cause a nation to definitely want to increase land to accommodate the growth and to prevent over-population which could eventually lead to poverty. Other reasons fueling the need to expand included the thought that land ownership meant someone was wealthy and could support him/herself. An easy way to achieve this reputation was to move west where land was easy to obtain. Land ownership could also signal political power which was very important. Another reason was "in 1818 and 1839 the United States suffered an economic depression" (Manifest Destiny). Instead of relying on the government in the crisis, citizens found life better on the frontier away from the depression. Trade was a very important part of the life in the nineteenth century so being able to live on the west coast would open a whole new window of trade opportunities. Ports on the west coast could also turn into large cities and prosper like the ones on the east coast and "promote new commerce" (Adams 332). Supporters of Manifest Destiny ranged from humble farmers and lower-classmen to powerful political leaders of the era. Though supporter's social classes differed, they shared many similar views. The supporters believed that the United States had superiority over neighboring countries in talent and political institutions (Adams 332). Some supporters

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