Manifest Destiny : Ideal Or Justification Essay

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Manifest destiny: Ideal or Justification The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of U.S in 1803. But it is not enough for ambitious Americans, we are not satisfied, we wanted more territory. So western expansion did not end, it actually keep moved. Westward Expansion is a very significant part in U.S history. It operated perfectly based on the ideology called manifest destiny. However, the creation of this theory is on purpose. It was used to push U.S territory to further west. When the idea of manifest destiny was came up? The idea of Manifest Destiny was foreshadowed by some of the writings during the revolutionary times, with the desire for Canada in the period between the American War for Independence and the War of 1812. It rationalized the Louisiana Purchase and United States ' support for Texas independence and annexation. We could tried to find what period this idea came up, but to be exactly, who, when and where, it would be difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack. What I know is this ideology is modified and became an excuse to expand west, invaded Indians, declared war with Mexico. What is the manifest destiny? Everyone or every group have their own definitions. According to many historians, there are three basic themes to manifest destiny: The special virtues of the American people and their institutions; America 's mission to redeem and remake the west in the image of agrarian America; and an irresistible destiny to accomplish this essential duty. To

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