Manifest Destiny In 19th Century America

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Over the years of the 19th century Americans idea of manifest destiny changed from expanding over the American continent to expanding internationally. They became interested in expanding their ideas and culture to the rest of the world, as well as spreading their form of government to other nations and territories. Romantics, intellectuals, and the government transformed beliefs and ideas in society through the use of maps, newspapers, periodicals, and artwork. This transformation between George Caitlin’s time of westward expansion to the later expansion through war with Mexico to eventually war with Spain over Puerto Rico and Cube. Americans imagined their manifest destiny as expanding their national borders to encompass the remaining 15% of the world, broadening their economic influence, and introducing their form of government to areas outside their realm of control. The use of maps, artwork, and authorship by 19th century thinkers influenced society’s perception of the country’s borders, wars, and control. In the early to middle part of the 19th century, expansion involved the westward move onto Indian and Mexican lands. George Caitlin attempted to the use his platform as an artist to influence the people of the United States. He sought to change people’s views of the Native Americans from blood-thirsty-savages to the noble savages. He wanted to catalogue their culture and way of life, through his paintings and journals he endeavored to show society that

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