Manifest Destiny Is An American Philosophy Essay

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Manifest Destiny is an American philosophy with which it is to justify how that country has understood their place in the world and how to relate to other people. It is a doctrine, phrase or idea that expresses the belief that the United States is destined to spread to the four winds as supports the idea that is, to expand on the territories conquered North America and, in general, on the Western Hemisphere. This doctrine was not free of racism, considering that the American people were superior to the "mestizos" from neighboring countries south of the border, so they should be "regenerated". It seeks to understand the world that God chose these people to be a political and economic power and be a cut above the rest of the world. The principles that consolidated the doctrine of Manifest Destiny in the nineteenth century, rooted in the minds of Americans during the founding of the English colonies in North America in the seventeenth century. Although the most obvious manifestation of that nationalist doctrine is expressed in the field of politics, its essence is religious. The origin of the concept of Manifest Destiny could be traced from the time began to inhabit the early settlers and farmers arrived from England and Scotland, to the territory of what later would be the United States. Although we can also assume that this concept was taken over by Spanish and Portuguese above for their respective achievements, as these were also carried out "in the name of
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