Manifest Destiny Of The United States

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Manifest destiny is one of the beliefs that existed in the United States. The latter stated belief claimed that, the settlers based in America were allowed to spread all over the continent. However, historians came into an agreement that three themes exist in relation to manifest destiny, and this include: the America’s special virtue and their institutions; America’s mission that aimed at redeeming and rebuilding the western part as per the agrarian America, and a destiny that will enhance the accomplishment of necessary duties.
In addition, the historians also had an opinion that manifest destiny is one of the contested concepts. Therefore in this regard, the democrats endorsed the idea of manifest destiny, but various prominent Americans had a contrary opinion. On the other hand, Manifest destiny gave a rhetorical tone in relation to the acquisition of the United States territory. At this juncture, it can, therefore, be said that manifest destiny was a set of ideas in relation to its application, and this is evident in that, the democrats applied this concept as a justification of the war with Mexico. Similarly, Manifest destiny was also applicable on the division of Oregon and Great Britain. Apart from that, it is evident that the manifest destiny was not a specific policy, but the general notion. This is because there were no principles that aimed at defining the concept. Similarly, many people believed that the growth in size of the United States towards the Pacific…

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