Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny Define and discuss the phrase "Manifest Destiny." Explain how this belief came to divide the nation. Manifest destiny was based on a belief presented by John O'Sullivan. He was a newspaper editor and publisher. In 1845, he said that the aggressive westward expansion of the nation was vital to the prosperity of the country. He believed that it was every American's right to bring the ideas of freedom, democracy and Christianity to the Indians as well as Mexicans. In his view, these groups were nothing more than savages who needed to be taught the most civilized ways to live. (Faragher, 2009) For the most part, this would take place through having Americans interacting with these groups regularly. After spending significant amounts of time with them, is the point that these other cultures will adapt to American traditions. In those situations, where they resisted, O'Sullivan felt that military force should be used. According to him, these actions are justified because of the significant contributions made by Americans (such as: technological advancements, railroads, vast networks of canals and the free enterprise spirit). (Faragher, 2009) The way that these ideas divided the nation, was to have an effect on politics and party platforms. What was happening is O'Sullivan was a prominent Democrat and publisher of the Democratic Review. This gave him a format to express his ideas on manifest destiny to a number of insiders. He felt that the expansion of the

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