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April 13th, 2014
Manifest Destiny Research Paper: The 1840’S were years of unprecedented growth for United States; in a mere four years, the national domain more than doubled with an additional 1.2 million miles being added to the country. (PBS) This was due to a movement called Manifest Destiny that suggested that the United States was “destined” to stretch from coast, sea to shining sea, uninterrupted by anything or anyone. ( However, complex and underlying motives guided Manifest Destiny advocates. Some believed that the nation had a divine order, serving as a bastion of Christianity and Democracy in a land of uncivilized Native Americans. Ideas of the Anglo-Saxon race being a "superior" race permeated as well. Others saw economic or national security concerns dictating expansion as a necessity. As if the varying motivations didn’t complicate the issue enough, Manifest Destiny was more of a movement than an event. There is truly no start or end date, rather it is a coalescing of various factors that will be discussed throughout this paper. Therefore this paper will seek to explain the ideas, actions, and reactions to Manifest Destiny by differing individuals. Since Manifest Destiny has no specific starting point, it is best to understand the origin and meaning of the term. Newspaper writer John Sullivan coined it when he wrote “[it is]…the right of our manifest destiny to…spread and to possess the whole of the…

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