Manifest Destiny, The Haitian Revolution, Louisiana Purchase, And The Removal Of Native American

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There were a lot of divisions that was emerging in the United States in the 1830s and 1840s. Manifest destiny at the time provided a pleasant response to, or a nice covering over of what was actually happening. First of all, during the 1830 and 1840 there was increasing class division in the United States. Similarly, increasing numbers of poor people that migrated from Europe to the United States in hope of a better future, not to mention in the north there seem to be an “end of slavery". Due to the north “ending slavery” white American were now competing not only with African Americans but as well the massive immigrants that were coming to America. Manifest destiny could have not occurred in the best time were average Americans wanted…show more content…
After Jefferson bought Louisiana from Napoleon for fifteen million dollars, the United States was in the position of domination. The United States was slowly beginning to not only grow geographically but politically as well. However, there is an important question to be asked, Why would Napoleon give up so much for so little? As the Documentary, How the States Got Their Shapes “The answer: Haiti. When the slaves in Haiti overthrew France that, basically, took France out of the game in North America. Haiti is the crown jewel of the French Empire. It 's where all the sugar comes from. It 's where all the money comes from. The only reason you need New Orleans and all that land to the west is to provide food for Haiti.” Therefore, since Haiti no longer belonged to France, France was out of the competition. It is important to pinpoint that before the United States (the 50 states) America shared land with the Spaniard, English, and Native Americans. Thus, the Haitian Revolution gave the United States more land, and power to conquer land. Through the Haitian revolution United States was closer to be “destined to secure territory from "sea to sea," from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean” as the political cartoon American Progress, from John Gust illustrates.
Furthermore, after the Louisiana purchases, expansion of slavery and white supremacy was frequently seen. Jefferson according to the Documentary, The Story We Tell: Race—The Power of an

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