Manifest Destiny : Ugly Truth Behind Pretty Lies

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Manifest Destiny: Ugly Truth Behind Pretty Lies? The point of view upon Manifest Destiny that I found most convincing and close to my own interpretation was “Manifest Destiny as an expression of white superiority is but one explanation for what became a clear rise of anti-Mexican sentiments in the 1850s”. This perspective to me seemed to be the only one that did not skirt around what seemed to be the logical truth and explanations for why Manifest Destiny took place: for the prospects they were able to gain from western lands; for the pursuit of Native American lands; and for the rise anti-Mexican sentiments. While a lot of other perspectives saw Manifest Destiny in the light of goodness and or because of religious reasons, I believe there was a bitter and more realistic truth; selfishness. My first interpretation of Manifest Destiny was that it was most obviously and logically a cover for many of people’s greed for the future prospects they were able to gain from those western lands. I don’t believe that Manifest Destiny was a part of God’s plan and that they needed to spread their culture across the land. If it was true that people truly wanted to expand in the name of religion then it should have been done with the indians in the southeastern states. Instead of enforcing the Indian Removal Act upon Natives. The real answer I believe is because they were rapacious for the prime bountiful land. With the acquisition of the west, they were able to gain valuable resources

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