Manifestation: A Narrative Fiction

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“Did you figure out anyway to beat them?” Epsilon asked. “I’m sure those manifestations have some kind of weakness.” “There is a weakness.” Malessica added. “All four of them share the same weakness. We’ll be able to exploit them while fighting.” Sabra chuckled. “Atta girl, lay it on us.” “Being artificial variants, their bodies can’t handle overuse of their Manifestation. Once they overuse their power, they’ll be unable to use Manifestation for a short amount of time. Apparently It’s happened to Ajax once, it’s happened to Yuri about twice and to Vittorio on five separate occasions. There was nothing on Sylvia though.” “Those notes came in handy.” Sabra added. “Those weaknesses are easy to exploit, all we’d have to do is outlast them…show more content…
“I wasn’t able to get any more information. The notes didn’t have any locations, but there was plenty of information I never got a chance to read. Vittorio could have killed me and Gerard that day, but he left us alone for whatever reason.” Epsilon smiled at her. “I think what we have on them should be good enough, but can someone tell me what’s an artificial variant?” “They’re normal humans who get genetically modified to use aura.” Malessia responded. Picking his ear, Epsilon sighed. “The Syndicate never fails to surprise, I guess. Right now, we should try to head to the strip club, gather up whatever information we can over there.” “I believed that was a good idea at first, but we just attacked a pub.” Sabra said. “I think we’ve made enough noise tonight, we should try to lay low and come to the club in the morning. Malessica fixed her hood, readying to leave the alley. “Sabra’s right, people know we’re looking for the Syndicate and I’m sure word will go around. Laying low is easily the best option we have right now. Let’s find a place to stay the night.” Epsilon moved towards the exit of the alley. “I know a place we can go. I’ll lead the way, but we’ll have to move through the streets quickly, in case anyone is looking for
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