Manifestation Determination Hearing Form (CRT)

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1. CRT Eligibility Criteria Worksheet
The CRT Eligibility Criteria Worksheet is used to help IEP team members to determine if the student should participate in the regular criterion referenced test (CRT) or the CRT-Alternate. This form also addresses documentation requirements under IDEA. However the decision on what CRT the student participates in cannot be based on excessive or extended absences, disability category, amount of time spent receiving special education services, academic achievement lower than peers, and social, cultural, or economic differences. This form must be attached to the student’s IEP.
2. Student Accommodations / Modifications
Accommodations and modifications are used to help a student reach their fullest potential.
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The purpose of this form is to allow the IEP team members to determine if the student’s behavior was manifested by their disability or was not manifested by their disability. If the student’s behavior was a manifestation of the student’s disability, then the IEP team must conduct an FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) and apply a behavioral plan for the student.
5. IEP Progress Report
An IEP Progress Report is a report that allows parents to see their child’s progress towards annual goals that are identified on their IEPs. There different progress ratings are excellent, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory. Special education teachers are to check one and then determine if the progress is sufficient enough to achieve the annual goal determined on the IEP.
6. Summary of Performance
The Summary of Performance form contains information about the student as well as measurable postsecondary goals from IEP, summary of student’s academic achievement and functional performance, and recommendations for meeting postsecondary goals. This form shows academic achievement of the student (where they started to where they are now). The purpose of this form is to see if the interventions used were effective for the
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One option on the form is that the student will meet the districts graduation requirements or will complete the measurable annual goals and therefore will not need new measurable annual goals. The student is expected to graduate with a regular diploma by the end of the current school year. Another option is that the student will not meet the district’s graduation requirements, or will not complete the measurable annual goals and that student will need new annual goals. The IEP team members will then write a new IEP for the next school year. The third and final option on this form is that the student will not meet the district’s requirement and will not receive a regular diploma; however the school district will not provide the student with special education services for the next school

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