Manipulation In A Relationship

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Often this manipulation is quite subtle and it may take us ages to recognise it as such. Companies do little else but manipulate people into believing that the products on offer are absolutely a must-have. They use tactics that address our most basic needs. We encounter this on television, on radio, on the computer an in the newspapers and magazines.

Manipulation in a marriage can lead to depression and claustrophobia. This is when the husband or wife demands actions of the partner that he or she is not entirely comfortable with. So often, wives in particular, start off married life, giving in to the demands of the husband to make the marriage work and before they realise this becomes a pattern until one day they wake up to the behaviour of the partner, by then patterns have been so established that they are hard to break. Once one partner has realised that he/she has been manipulated for the longest time, the marriage can spiral downhill. This is where marriage guidance can help a lot to establish behaviour that is beneficial to both parties and it also makes the perpetrator realise what he has been doing and the victim what he/she has unwittingly allowed to happen.

Manipulation in a friendship is also quite widespread. The good thing here is that once the victim realises
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