Manipulation In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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The Power Behind One Person
Manipulation is as facile as the smooth glide of a G-2 pen. Julius Caesar, a play written by William Shakespeare, is about a man, Julius Caesar, who wants to be the ruler of Rome. An opposing party called the conspirators demolish his plan. Marc Antony tries to avenge Caesar by going to war against the conspirators. A throng of citizens sway to the authority figures of Julius Caesar, Brutus, and Antony.
Julius Caesar has leverage over the individuals of Rome by proving his loyalty to the people. As the cobbler says, “ ‘We make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph.’ ” The commoners detest Caesar for slaughtering Pompey, but Julius Caesar is shown as a petrifying character for this defeat. The Plebeians
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The second plebeian responds to the first plebeian, ‘ “If thou consider rightly of the matter, Caesar has had great wrong.” ’ Antony turns the plebeians away from Brutus’s reasoning by saying that the people of Rome loves Caesar, but is now hating on him because the conspirators think they are right. The fourth plebeian says to Antony, ‘ “They were traitors. Honorable men? These rhetorical techniques Antony is using on the plebeians are working. The people of Rome think Antony is once again right because he keeps saying how Brutus is an honorable man to show the people that he is not just bashing Brutus. The second plebeian joins in on the plebeians conversation, ‘ “We’ll hear him, we’ll follow him, we’ll die with him.” ’ He did not want to go against Brutus and the conspirators because he respects them, but he has to in order to get Rome back to its tyranny ways. Antony has a way with words especially the ones involving persuasion and manipulation.
Caesar, Brutus, and Antony are three politicians involving themselves in how the plebeians are the pliant to anyone with power in Rome which is one of Shakespeare's life truths. People influence each other every single day from politics, science, and every other subject imaginable. People think they do not sway as easily, but the truth is they do. It is the person behind the voice that is trying to persuade the people that gets them to sway to a certain side very easily. It is all about the words or the word choice the speaker uses to influence their
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