Manipulation Is A Way That People Twist Events

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Teens and Manipulation. Manipulation is a way that people twist events, or situations, to fit their needs first. Manipulation is really neither negative nor positive, it’s all in how and why things are being manipulated that determine this. Now, I could go into all the reasons why human beings learn to manipulate others, and how even as infants and toddlers we are taught to manipulate to meet our basic needs, but that’s not really what we are trying to focus on right now. Instead let’s jump forward in life a little bit the teenage years, and see how manipulation can play a role in the life of a teen in crisis. As we become adults I think we learn more about meeting other people’s needs and compromise. Adults learn to be flexible, and prioritize needs for the greater good of all. At least some do. Teenagers have yet to learn this, and in my honest opinion, can only learn this through trial and error. Which means making mistakes, big and small. All teens make mistakes. All people make mistakes. That’s a cold hard fact. It’s how we learn, not only from the mistake itself, but from the experience as a whole, that we develop our own individual identities. On top of all that, teens have raging hormones and a strong desire for both independence and control. The key to keeping an emotionally manipulative teen in check is in the follow through of the situation. There is going to come a time when your teen wants to do something, or go somewhere, or have something that you disagree is
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