Manipulation Of Patents And Market Pricing

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Hypothesis: The manipulation of patents and market pricing have allowed pharmaceutical companies to raise the prices on drugs necessary for individuals in the US compared. With no competition, the companies are able to exploit the patent system to maximizing profits with no regard to the consumers economic welfare. The price of pharmaceuticals are constantly higher than the rest of the world and the people of America are paying that price.

Method of Inquiry: After conducting a thorough analysis of all my available sources, connections were made between this issue to the industry of pharmaceuticals and the economic markets. My conducted method of research was meta-analysis. The purpose of this study was to compare the prices that manufacturers receive for pharmaceutical products depending on where they sell their products. Exploring the issue at hand, using non experimental, quantitative data along with secondary research allowed me to explore and explain differences in pricing for certain drugs found around the world and evaluate the pricing found in my data. The raw data of pharmaceutical pricing is from credible data sources collected. Additionally, while exploring the direct impact of the monopolies created by pharmaceutical companies, price fluctuation was analyzed. I used a variety of secondary sources while collecting my raw data of pharmaceutical prices. To establish a baseline view of pharmaceutical monopolies, exploration of the the far reaching effects of these…
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