Manipulation of Truth in Oliver Stone's JFK Essay

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Manipulation of Truth in Oliver Stone's JFK            Oliver Stone is a master of manipulation. Being an expert in the art of directing, Stone is able to make an audience believe whatever he wishes. In the 1991 film JFK, Oliver Stone manipulates facts in order to convey a fictional conspiracy involving the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Zapruder film and the magic bullet theory are two facts that Stone employs to trick the audience into believing his fabricated tale.      Stone unfolds this film through the eyes of Jim Garrison, the district attorney of New Orleans, who believes that there is more to the assassination than what has been presented in the…show more content…
Stone does not alter the film in any way, keeping the original audio sounds in place. He does not attempt to again trick the audience into making false connections, but rather present the film in such a way that they will feel specific emotions of sadness, disgust, vulnerability, anger and a call to action. Stone's goal is to make the viewers (both in the courtroom as well as the general audience watching the movie) want justice to be served, therefore, making them more willing to agree with Garrison's far-fetched theory.      Garrison dims the lights as an aura of apprehension fills the courtroom. Bystanders appear anxious and uncomfortable in the sullen darkness. Stone spends time focusing in on random viewers as they begin to show signs of discomfort such as fidgeting, fixing clothing and clasping hands. As the Zapruder film unfolds, Stone continues to flash scenes of these viewers. Cringing faces, squinting eyes and clenched fists exemplify the horrific effect that the film has on the audience. By showing the reactions of the bystanders, Stone forces a general audience to react in a similar way. Outside viewers empathize with the feelings of sadness, disgust and terror had by those within the courtroom. This act of vicarious compassion ultimately places Stone in the perfect position to persuade both audiences to believe Garrison's conjecture.      Stone quickly switches his means of manipulation after

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