Manitoba Hydro, Hydro Electric Board

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Manitoba Hydro is Manitoba’s major energy utility provider, serving 561,869 electric customers and 274,817 natural gas customers throughout the province (2). Manitoba Hydro provides services that run from exporting electricity worldwide, to providing customers with tips on how to save money on their electricity bills. Hydro provides services such as Power Smart technologies, which help to reduce a client 's energy consumption while reducing their environmental impact. Manitoba Hydro is a large believer in protecting the environment. Environmental protection was seen with their large-scale capital projects such as environmental protection and monitoring programs, climate change initiatives, energy efficiency initiatives, and environmental research and development (2). Manitoba Hydro became a crown corporation in 1961 through the Manitoba Hydro Act; the utility was governed by the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board (17). Manitoba Hydro controlled the gas and electric consumptions within Manitoba except Winnipeg Hydro. In 2002, an acquisition occurred meaning that Manitoba Hydro now owns Winnipeg Hydro. Today Manitoba Hydro is a major energy utility providing the lowest electricity rates in Canada. We operate 15 hydroelectric facilities on the Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Burntwood, Laurie and Nelson rivers, two thermal and four diesel generating stations (1).
Manitoba Hydro is a large business employing more than 6,483 full-time employees across Manitoba (2). Manitoba Hydro’s net

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