Mansa Musa

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Courtney Holmes
March 5, 2014
HIS 276- Dr. Kalinga
Test one
Mansa Kankan Musa ascended the throne in 1312 and ultimately revived Mali. He was well known for stimulating Mali in many different ways. Before Mansa Musa’s accession to the throne, Mali was in a period of political instability. He ruled for approximately twenty-five years, which brought wealth and consistency to Mali. This ultimately expanded the empire. Mansa Musa gave away so many gifts of gold that the value of gold fell and did not recover for about twelve years. Although he spent his money generously, he did a lot to strengthen the economy of Mali. This included establishing communications with certain areas, strengthening trade, encouraging new eating habits, and
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Askiya fortified his administration mainly by conquering new provinces and replacing the rulers with trusted individuals. This ensures unity in the empire and prevented secession of these provinces. Each of these new rulers formed their own armies so that they were able to collect taxes. By conquering these new areas, he greatly expanded the Songhai Empire. This expansion ultimately led to more wealth for the empire because of the revival of the trans-Saharan trade. Askiya urged his armies to take over Tuareg territory for this expansion. The restoration of the trans-Saharan trade was partially due to Askiya’s feats in Islamic religion. After the rule of Suni Ali, Askiya needed to show those in the empire that Islam was no longer a source of issues. He did this by showing that he supported Muslims with a Hajj. Although he supported the religion, he did not force it on others like Suni Ali did. He also revived Timbuktu as a center for Islamic learning, which led to more education. Overall, Mansa Kankan Musa and Askiya Muhammad Ture ruled in very similar ways. They strengthened many of the same aspects of their respective empires. They both also came to power after somewhat unpopular and unstable rulers, and were put in a position in which they needed to improve the situations of their empires. They also used similar aspects of ruling to improve their economies. Both Askiya and Mansa Musa were praised for
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