Mansi Patel. Michael Moir . English Composition 1102. 27Th

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Mansi Patel
Michael Moir
English Composition 1102
27th April, 2017
“A Doll’s House” What shapes us as the person we have move toward becoming? Is it the requirements in life? Could it be more superficial as in the needs that we evoke as human beings? Whatever figures out who an individual is, it is inherently through their ideology. Ideology may be alluded to as beliefs or values that a person or group of people accept (Ideology 659). These beliefs or values develop their perspective towards society in which they live or more to the most part of the world in which they live. Henrik Ibsen’s modern drama, “A Doll House,” reveals couple of responses to the question “what makes us who we are?” Through critically examining the play from
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Henrik Ibsen shared this sense of change happening inside the society and proclaims it within the pages of the play “A Doll’s House (Lee 631).” The main protagonist of the play, Nora Helmer is afflicted with gender inequality. The play starts with Nora in a state very fundamental to what many would consider absolute joy. She is unaware of her current condition of oppression. Her state of ignorance can be credited to the way that she has been confronted with few upsetting and tragic obstacles. Without trials and hardships people once in a while will understand any need for change in their lives. Ibsen comprehends this idea and highlights it with many examples that happen in the play from the conflict with Krogstad and his posing threat of black-mailing to the rising awareness of Torvald’s disparaging relationship with Nora. Ibsen uses Nora to represent for the change that is to come and how women, as the thwart to men, are soon going to overcome and bring the change in the role of female in the society. Some catalyst will definitely spark the engine that will be the women’s rights revolution. The catalyst in setting of the dramatization happens to be Krogstad. A change in Nora beginning to happen through the presence of Krogstad. She understands that she will be unable to carry on a perfect and carefree world. She begins to understand the truth of her marriage

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