Manslaughter and Murder Statutes in Illinois

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With municipal and state budgets being slashed across the nation, in response to the prolonged economic recession which devastated America's bottom line, many professional police forces have been compelled to reallocate resources or reduce their numbers. To fill the void in law enforcement left by these cuts to police budgets, many private companies have become increasingly reliant on the services provided by the private security industry. Although private security officers safeguard our apartment buildings after sundown, patrol mall parking lots to prevent theft, and enhance public safety at sporting events, most members of society fail to ascribe the same sense of heroic duty to private security officers as they do the police. Indeed, criminal justice researchers have consistently demonstrated that "without the services of private industry, a gaping, colossal, protection vacuum would exist in the distribution of justice, [and] the protection of assets and facilities" (Nemeth, 2011), but nonetheless private security officers are not afforded the same respect or legal protections as traditional law enforcement officials. One of the most alarming trends to develop in the last decade, as private security contracting grew from a niche occupation to a full-fledged industry, is the rising rate of incidence involving private security officers discharging their service weapons in the line of duty, and being charged with manslaughter or even first degree murder simply for doing
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