Manteno, Illinois: A Short Story

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Have you ever felt so much adrenaline you don’t know what to do? Did you ever have to cake on so much foundation you look orange? Those are some of the few things you will experience going to a show choir competition. You will spell burnt hair and so much hairspray so your bump will stay poufy. These competitions may be stressful but they are the most fun that you will ever have. It was in the middle of winter perhaps February, we were headed towards Manteno, Illinois. The journey wasn’t that long. It only took us around 3 hours with the pit stops we had to make. We didn’t want anyone to pee their pants because they didn’t want to go on the moving bus. You will never know what it’s like to pee on a moving bus until you have already experienced it. The bus rides are always the most fun I think. We were on the bus for maybe one and a half hours when some guy in the back of the bus decided he wanted to blast music out of his phone. Of course it had to be some weird and inappropriate rap music. Everyone started singing along. But to be completely honest we were all screaming the lyrics as loud as we could. I bet everyone knows the consequence we had to pay for acting like little children. Yes just like everyone predicted we got yelled at. Guy says” Why are you guys yelling?!? You…show more content…
After we got the whole bed and shower arrangements situated we finally set an alarm for the break of dawn. Three girls curling their hair and doing their makeup so that we are ready by 8:30 a.m. does not work well. We have to wake up at five o’clock just to finish curling our hair in time to go and make breakfast before the buses come. Hearing that alarm go off and interrupt your beauty sleep does not work well with three non-morning people. After having two meltdowns just from me and burning my hands a couple hundred of times we are finally able to get on the buses and leave for the
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