Manual Car History

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My interest in cars dates back as far as I can remember. Manual cars first began to peak my interest during my late teenage years. My first time driving a manual car is special memory that I cannot seem to forget no matter how hard I try. The very first time I successfully drove stick actually was not the first time I ever tried. I did not do so well my first time. I did not think it was fun and I did not like it. When I was sixteen, my Dad took me out to drive my first car with manual transmission. I did so badly that I actually managed to catch the clutch on fire before I could get the car moving! Thankfully there was little to no damage to the car after I had my time with it. This was a traumatic experience to me for quite awhile, before it…show more content…
When I do not understand something, I am naturally inclined to learn about it. The first time driving a manual, I did not know how a transmission worked. The mechanical concept behind it seemed to elude me. What was the purpose of the clutch? Why did I need to act differently upon the car when starting from a stop? What were the different gears for? I found that the only way I could find an answer to all of my questions was to educate myself on the topic. Possessing the knowledge of how all the parts in the car work together in order to make the car go is a very interesting concept, at least in my opinion. It was a concept that I never took the time to understand until I really wanted to find out how to drive a manual. Because I was so curious on the topic, I would ask my friends and relatives what it was like to drive a manual compared to the automatic transmission that I was used to. Almost everyone that I talked to would tell me the same thing. They always told me that it made you feel like you were more connected to your car. I wanted to experience
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