Manual Handling: a Reflection Essay example

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Three years and a few months ago, I can still recall the memories of being a nursing student, I was studying in a university wherein our professor taught us a lot of things in the field of the health care profession. One of the lessons they taught to us is about Manual Handling. When the topic was introduced to us, the first thing that came to my mind is that manual handling is all about how to lift or transfer a patient from one place to another (for example: bed to chair). But then, when my clinical instructor started the lecture, I’ve come to realized that manual handling does not only mean carrying, lifting, or transferring a patient from place to place. It also involves carrying, lifting or transferring loads. Loads are grouped …show more content…
I want to ensure the safety of my clients that’s why I really want to have lots of training that could upgrade my knowledge and taught me better skills in this health care profession. When I went to the college, they told us that we will have another training regarding Manual handling. I am so excited since this is the moment that I have been waiting for. And thank God we did have our second training in manual handling here.
(Since my first training I attended was held in my country- Philippines) During my training here in Northbrook College, I’ve learned that employers must provide a workplace where workers are not exposed to hazards in their workplace so they should provide adequate information to their employees regarding safety in manual handling by providing them trainings and supervision to workers so they can work in a safe manner. It is also taught that it is better if manual handling is done in collaborative approach where two or more people are involved in the procedure to reduce the risk of injury and make the load lighter as well. Some equipments like the hoist, turning blanket,wheelchair and the like are helpful to lessen the load and make things or person lighter and easier to carry, lift, and transfer

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