Manual Handling in the Health Care Sector

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This assignment seeks to discuss three key themes in relation to Manual handling in the health care sector and will describe the literature which supports this. This topic has been chosen as the handling of patients plays an important role in Health and Social care. NHS, (2010, p. 3) states that 'Manual handling is a core competency for staff caring for patients'. This assignment will look at the importance of training that is required to ensure competent and safe use of equipment and the moving and handling of patients. Secondly this assignment will go on to describe how poor manual handling can affect Patients. There are many problems that can arise from incorrect manual handling, therefore this assignment will focus on the risk of …show more content…
In a survey carried out by the Nursing times, it was said that two thirds of Nurses believed that shortage of equipment compromises patient safety (Ford, 2010).

One problem which may arise from incorrect lifting techniques is the development of pressure ulcers. Effective moving and handling has a great role to play in the prevention of pressure ulcers and this is why training is so important (Hall, 2001). Inappropriate moving and handling techniques may result in skin damage. Pressure ulcers can be caused by pressure, friction and shear (NICE, 2003). For example, if a patient is dragged rather than lifted when using a slide sheet, this could cause friction and could potentially lead to skin damage. Consequently this could result in the Patient having to stay in hospital longer which could impact on a Patients psychological state.
Nursing interventions play an important part in the reduction of pressure ulcers. A nurse can help to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers by promoting activity, carrying out skin inspections and assessments, and by using pressure relieving devices (Lynn, 2005). Some patients may fear being dropped when moved using equipment (Rogers, 1999), thus it is important for the Nurse to communicate with the patient, this way the Nurse can explain how the equipment works and the patient can express any concerns that they may have. It is important to remember that not all patients like lifting equipment and
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