Manual Transmissions Should Not Die Off

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Since the beginning of mass vehicle production, manual transmissions were the only way of shifting gears in a car. It was not until 1940 when General Motors and Oldsmobile introduced their automatic transmission called the Hydra-Matic. This was the world 's first taste of an automatic transmission. Since then, automatic transmissions in cars have become exponentially popular to the point where cars with manual transmissions only account for 6.5% of all of the cars in the U.S. On an episode of the YouTube show, Fast Lane Daily, a 6 year old posted the question asking would manual transmissions have died off by the time he was able to drive. This question really moved the crew of the show because there is a chance that in 10 or so years, manual transmissions could be a thing of the past. Manual transmissions should not die off because it created a better driving experience for enthusiasts, it is less appealing to thieves, and it makes the driver less prone to distractions while driving. The Manual transmission should not die off because it offers a different driving experience from the automatic. Knowing that you are in the majority of control in a car is a satisfying feeling. Like a pilot in charge of aircraft, you know exactly what to do and when to do it. “Whenever a car has a stick shift, it provides an opportunity for the driver to be engaged with the car”(Empower Network). Experiencing that engagement, along with the thrill of driving, is good enough to get someone

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