Manuel Ramos, By Manuel Ramos

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Similarly to William Johnson, Manuel Ramos takes this photograph to visually reflect a lesser class in Mexico city though use of location and amount of people. Prisons have a negative connotation in people’s minds because of why and who is sent there. Our society views prison as a place where bad people who did bad things are forced to go. Thus, we view the people who are in prison or around the prison as bad people, which causes us to view them as inferiors, instead of equals. Since Ramos took the photo of large amount of people outside a prison, we unconsciously transfer that negative connotation onto the people in the photograph. Furthermore, the majority is dressed in dark clothing. This is significant because just like how we relate prisons to bad things, we associate dark clothing to bad things as well.…show more content…
So by Ramos capturing such a large crowd of people in darker colors outside of a prison, he’s able to project the ideals of wrongness and immorality onto the crowd. In addition to the dark clothing and location where the photo was captured, all the people are facing the wall. This alludes to the possibility of the people waiting for someone or something. Since the photo was taken during the Mexican Revolution, this holds a lot of symbolic meaning in terms of change for the country. With everyone in the photo facing the wall of oppression directly shows the acknowledgment of that oppression (the colonizer) and the need for
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