Manuela Case Study

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i. Who did what? Why did you decide on this division of labor? Since, the mini yard sale was cancel due to the weather, Manuela will be in charge of gathering the money and buying the candy and bags days before November 1, 2015. Manuela was in charge of cutting and writing phrases on the tags to put in the bags. Manuela and Abena will be in charge of preparing the bags a day before.
Since we are doing it on Abena’s neighborhood, Abena is going to be in charge of making the flyer so, when time to sell we had something to show the costumers but besides the flyer we also had our management project paper with more details. Tenia and Abena were in charge of talking to the costumer since they had better communication and people skills by being friend compare to Manuela who is a little more timid. Manuela and Tenia were in charge of the transactions. Manuela previously work in a restaurant and she count money so she had experience with money. Tenia and Augustina were making sure everything was going accruing to plan. We decide in the division because each member wanted to experience on how they became a leader on there on section that they were in charge of.
i. What were the timelines you decided on as a team? The mini yard sale was cancel so we decide to do goodie bags and selling them to some houses where Abena leaves on November 1, 2015. On October 21, 2015 we schedule team
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What opportunities and challenges did you experience in this stage? How did you deal with them? Some opportunities that Manuela gain from this stage is that she found out each team members strength and how they fit on their corresponding responsibilities and duties, but also being focus on what had to be done. Some challenges that Manuela experience were meeting because some of the members worked or had trouble meeting. Manuela was lacking on organizing a meeting. Dr. S recommend doing a virtual conference meeting which we did and came out perfectly because everybody was able to meet at
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