Manufacturing Engineering : The Industrial Revolution

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Manufacturing Engineering
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Manufacturing Engineering has been perceived as a separate engineering discipline in the present. Most of what manufacturing entails in the present stems from what was evident in the past. The industrial revolution is also responsible for fostering development of new engineering disciplines that are exclusively devoted to the engineering of manufacturing. The industrial rebellion realized the factory framework, steam engine invention, advanced metal cutting, and machine tools production. There are various recognized early pioneers of manufacturing engineering. Matthew Boulton, and James Watt are some of the engineers who assembled, and fabricated Watts Steam engine besides produced the engine commercially (walker & Crowson, 2010). Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin that facilitated more production of cotton. In the 18th and 19th century, manufacturing engineering responsibilities and duties were controlled by the factory or shop supervisors. There was no particular specialist in production control, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, and quality control. However, as the manufacturing company and factories got larger and more complex, the supervisors could not manage the process nor did they have sufficient knowledge to handle tooling, planning or material control. Consequently, there was an augmented effort for expertise in engineers, and technical
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